Heart to Earth

Classes & Prices

Monday Morning Flow 9.30am - 10.30am  £8.00
Vinyasa Flow Yoga for beginners and intermediates. This class is held in an inviting and friendly atmosphere, where it is respected everyone is at different stages of their yoga journey. Using movement of the body, breath and awareness of the mind this class will give you a supported environment for you to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.
£8 drop in

6 Week Pass £42.00

To purchase a pass or pay for drop in please call Hush salon and the reception team will help you 01763 249438 to purchase a pass.
Email to book.

BACS payments can be arranged.

YogaKind - Tadlow 
Our yoga hub is located in Tadlow, Cambridgeshire - just outside of Wrestlingworth. We gather together in a cosy converted stables, embellished with fairy lights, scented with diffused oils or incense, to share the sacred practice of yoga. Supported by mats, bolsters, cork blocks and straps, allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in your practice.

Thursday Mellow Flow 7.30pm  £10.00 drop in
Slow Down Sunday (every other week) 10.00am  £10.00 drop in

Classes & Prices

Yoga & Meditation Sunday Sessions.

Flow. Grow. Unwind.

Yoga & Meditation Sunday Sessions.

Yoga & Meditation Sunday Sessions.
coming soon...

Let go and let yourself grow.

Meet Kim

Meet Kim
Kim Fletcher Yoga has grown organically through a busy stressful life. When I discovered Yoga, at first it was a physical release from lives pressures, but the more I practised and allowed yoga to enter different areas of my life off and on the mat is when I fully felt the benefits of living a yogi lifestyle. After seeing the benefits and improvements in my own personal life I wish to help others discover Yoga and how it can complement each and every person in their life in some shape or form.


  • Royston, Hertfordshire, UK
  • Parking is located next to the Market Hill Rooms


What should i bring with me?

All mats and any props that will be needed in the class will be provided. You will need to wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, jumper or sweatshirt to wear at the beginning and end of the class especially during the colder months. I always advise that you bring water to stay hydrated throughout the class and a towel in the summer months. If you would like to bring your own yoga mat you are very welcome to.

When shall i arrive?

I will aim to start the classes on time so I would be grateful if you could arrive 10 minutes prior. This will also give you a chance to relax on the mat before the yoga practice begins.

I am a complete beginner.

We were all beginners to yoga at some point. Classes are designed to include all levels of fitness and yoga experience. You may find some areas of the class more challenging than others however I will always try to give alternative postures. You don't need to be flexible to benefit from yoga. Yoga is a combination of improving flexibility but also building strength everyone is different and each body will respond differently to practicing yoga.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

There are many great benefits to practicing Yoga as well as improving flexibility yoga can build strength, improve posture and keep a healthy spine. Yoga also calms the mind, reduces stress and helps sleep.